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The monthly podcast where Star Wars and '90s nostalgia collide as Cam and Sam discuss each book in the Young Jedi Knights series and more!

May 14, 2024

A long-forgotten experiment awakens to wreak havoc upon the Vong-infested surface of Coruscant. Does Aaron Allston's experiment in NJO storytelling deserve to be forgotten too, or is there a place for Lord Nyax's brand of monster-of-the-week thrills? Completing our A-Team once again is Geoff Clarke, who's here to help...

May 4, 2024

Another May the Fourth, another Special-est Edition commentary episode! One in which we try our best to rein in our rampant positivity and propose as many gratuitous "improvements" as possible to an all time favorite film, The Empire Strikes Back! Hear us also posit how George Lucas' history of revisionism primed us for...

Apr 3, 2024

Aaron Allston brings big Wraith Squadron energy to the New Jedi Order, and proves that actually explaining the politics of a Resistance in Star Wars is quality matériel, not something JJ Abrams should have reduced to ejecta! Our Canuck co-pilot Geoff Clarke rejoins the podcast's Inner Circle, so naturally we cook...

Mar 6, 2024

Time to flaunt that vonduun crab formalwear for the 3rd Annual Lowies! Or is their proper name the Praxeum Awards? Either way, the Lowbaccademy gives one final, bittersweet send-off to our beloved 90s and reevaluates the Oscar winners from the turn of the millennium before honoring the best of Star Wars in 2023!

Feb 7, 2024

This is a (Snapple Real) Fact: We're just living in a post-Star-by-Star world. Our buddy Barm begrudgingly embarks on another dark journey to Hapes with us for the Star Wars equivalent of a YA "romantasy." Whether that makes for a good book is HOTLY debated... Like, thinly veiled Reylo fanfic hot.